COVID-19 Response

How are we responding during COVID-19?

Consistent Schedule

We moved the face-to-face classes to live online classes following the same weekly schedule and length of study. Morning classes remain Monday through Thursday from 10am-12pm and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm. As always, students are welcome to attend any or all classes that fit their schedule.

Human Connection

We employ Zoom meeting software to meet online as scheduled. We also have a google classroom to share materials and keep connected. We have built strong connections getting to see the students’ homes, family members, and pets in the background of the Zoom videos!

Independent Study

In addition to the live classes and homework assignments, we are compiling a list of useful, free applications the students can download on their electronic devices to supplement their live English study. Many of these applications also have a teacher component where their progress can be tracked and this information can be used during the live classes to improve weaker areas.

Public Service Announcements

The first part of each live class is used to discuss and review pertinent information regarding local, state, and federal guidelines. All of the information surrounding public safety and updates during COVID-19 is being disseminated in English, and it is important that this information be made accessible to those with lower English levels, so they can keep themselves safe and protected.

Starting March 9, we switched our face to face intensive English classes to online only, but there is a great divide in the technology devices and internet access my clients have at home, and finding and presenting exclusively online has increased the operation costs. Please consider helping us to continue to provide ESL services during this time.